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Discover the power of Transactional Financing and take your business to new heights!
Turning Ideas into Reality: Planning a major project but need financial support? We will cover you!
let your invoices work for you! Discover the benefits of Invoice Factoring and take control of your financial future.
About Wuood Fintech

Empowering SMEs with non-collateral finance, to micro-deal with Providers & Suppliers with smart technology

Wuood Fintech Ecosystem uses smart technology to connect entities in the supply chain and create smart lending contracts. Our investment concept empowers subscribers to enhance their market share and unlock new growth opportunities


Years of Experience

Our Investment Services
Transactional Financing

      Unlock Your Business Potential with Transactional Financing!…

Invoice Factoring

      Boost Your Cash Flow with Invoice Factoring!…

Project Financing

      Fuel Your Dreams with Project Financing! Ready…

Agile Engagement Framework

Wuood fintech was intrinsically architected to integrate with any financial and complementary institution via a single integration thread, and multifaceted agile engagement framework that consists of  processes and models exclusively tailored by industry experts

Our Vision

Leverage SME to survive and grow in the current vibrant vulnerable economy

Our Mission

Continuous development of SME competencies using cutting-edge intelligent ecosystem

Our Values

Empathy embedded services that symbiotically elevates customer values

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    Our Process Models
    Holistic Risk Management

    Computation of risks from 19 dimensions

    Promotes the computation of real risks rather than pseudo-risks based only on financial parameters. Proactively manages risks by targeting potential risk dimensions

    Self-evolving Keiretsu

    This promotes the dynamic creation of virtually large firms from diverse SMEs to address market requirements or specific demands. These Keiretsus are incepted dynamically, and evolve to handle demand dynamics.

    Virtual Incubation Models

    Traditional business incubators are failing to achieve their ultimate goals and are both capital intensive, and slow.
    VIM provides virtual incubation platform that accelerates the inception of new firms with minimum capital requirements.

    System Economics-based Strategy

    EcoNet implements cascaded strategy model that comprises multiple systemic strategies, and derived firm level strategy.
    SES promotes any SME to capitalize on the networked values via ecosystem strategy model.

    Dynamic Knowledge Diffusion

    To generate optimal values from SMEs we need to transform them from labour intensive to knowledge centric. DKD uses ontology driven framework to optimally manage the creation, and diffusion of knowledge.

    Business Line Virtualization

    Enable existing financial service providers to create a new business line for SME products without distorting their operations.
    Fostering innovation of new products for incumbent financial services industries with the power of ecosystem-wide competencies, and lead-user driven innovation.

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    We have invested a fortune and top brass expertise to develop more than 60 wuood fintech products and services using multidisciplinary deep empathy-based innovation. checkout our implementation models.

    Wuood Uniqueness
    Value Proposition and perspective
    Access to volume funds
    Investment Planning

    We formulate customer perceived values via deep analysis and mining of multi-dimensional perspectives that spans beyond our customers value spectrum. Wuood uses advanced artificial intelligence to identify the constraints of your business competencies and provide optimal solution that sustains and stimulate growth of your business.

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    Whom do we collaborate?

    Wuood financial products are concieved and developed by experts from central banks, commercial financial institutions, Fintech, regulatory technology, artificial intelligence, computational finance, economic development, blockchain, and so forth. Besides, Wuood fintech was developed in alliance with globally competent experts with prestigious credentials from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, London School of economics, Carnegie Mellon University.